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Hanging Instructions

Here’s how to hang your Grab & Go Garland!

Step 1:

Attach Garland

Existing Anchor point: If you're anchoring to a banister or railing or any other existing structure use the included long stretchy balloon to loop around the middle of the garland and around your anchor point. Tie in a knot.

Command Hook: If you don't have an established anchor point use the included command hook(s) with an attached balloon "bracelet"  to create an anchor point on a wall.

Make sure to hang the Command Hook 10 mins before you attach your garland to allow your command hook to properly adhere.

Step 2:
Attach & Secure

secure garland

Have someone hold the garland in place while you stretch the balloon bracelet towards the closest balloon.

Gently guide the balloon bracelet around the balloon and onto its base or neck.

Step 3 :
Fluff and Finish

finished garland

Most of the mini balloons can be easily repositioned, so make sure they're towards the front and have fun moving them slightly to achieve the look you like best.

Popping into your special moments!
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