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Balloon Care & Safety Tips

As balloons are perishable (natural/biodegradable items). I am unable to make any guarantees for how long your balloon displays will last. What I can promise is that I have taken every stop possible to ensure it's longevity (best materials, tools and techniques). The rest is down to the aftercare.

Key tips for preserving your balloon display:

Balloons do best inside or in shade with cooler temperatures.

Outside events
  • When balloons are exposed to heat sun, wind, weather and temperature changes, they can pop and change color (turn matte/ dull and loose shiny finish). Darker balloons change faster.

  • Balloons will likely not last 24 hours outdoors.

  • If you can, keep balloons indoors at a stable temperature until just before the event.

  • I highly encourage you to take photos of your event soon after delivery, collection and or set up.


  • Do not leave balloons in the car! Get to your destination and unload. Heat or Cool (temperature changes) can pop or shrink balloons. 

  • Please have your car started and cooled down on hotter days, keep balloons away from hot metal set belts, do not stuff balloons in small spaces this could cause popping. 


  • No hot or sharp objects, no nails, claws, beaks or teeth

  • Be careful transporting balloons through doorways or letting floating balloons bounce off walls or ceilings.

  • Please ensure small children are supervised at all times with balloons. If popped they could become a chocking hazard and long ribbons could become entangled.

  • Some balloon displays come with water weights so keep this in mind when disposing.

Popping into your special moments!
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